Tank stars- Tips and trick

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Every person wants to be a winner of games. The tank stars is also a minded game. In this game, you receive a tank for a fight. With the tank you also receive weapons. From the weapon, you shoot on your opposite player tank and blast their tank. After the blast of the tank, you win the game. You also play with your friends. If you want to beat your friends and beat many players, then I have many tricks. From this Tank Stars Hack, you became the master of this game. Now I tell you the best tips and method of the tank stars game. With the help of this trick, you get extra coins and extra rewards.

  1. From daily mission-

When you complete the daily challenge, you will receive an epic chest. You also receive many tank cards or weapon cards from completing the daily challenges. So always complete the daily challenges. Now I tell you where the daily challenge is given? Touch on the calendar icon on the top-right side of the screen. At the time you receive an option complete daily challenge. Then touch on daily challenges and complete it. After finishing the task, you will receive cards as the rewards. The cards will help you update your weapons and tanks. So this is the best way to earn card and more coins. So always do daily tasks.

  1. From Tournament battles-

It is the best way to acquire cards and coins. Means from the tournament battles you will earn some extra points and extra cards. In the tournament, you will receive some challenges and play with many players. After the winning of a tournament, you will receive some cards and coins as the cards. Every challenge has their fixed winning prize. So it also the best way to earn extra points and receive the cards. With the daily mission complete also a tournament.

  1. Supply drop Grab-

At the time of the attack, the supply drop comes. When you play with your opposite players and attack on each other’s tanks. A supply drop will come automatically. In that box many types of equipment are available. In other words, we say that the supply drop is a box which is full of a lot of gifts or rewards. Many cards and coins are also available in this game. Grab it before your opponent because it is available for both. But get by only from one player. Means first come and first receive. Whose player first come and grab it that receive the benefits of supply drop. So be aware at the time to play.

  1. Attack proper-

It is the best way to earn extra points. When you play this game then properly attack your opposite player. Form the set angle of your tank you do this work properly. Because in this game all the points depend on your attacks. If the all attacks are good as per your winning chance also increase with them. So always attack your compotator properly.