How to Complete Helicopter missions in Sniper 3d Assassin

If you want to utilize your spare time, then you should try to play Sniper 3d Assassin once. The game is helpful to improve your skill and mind power.  Here I am giving you my personal review of the game. In the game, many exciting missions are available to enhance your knowledge. In the game many types of weapons are available. The avatar4 are available in the game whose look like the real human. If you like to play a shooting game, then it proves better for you. Today we talk about some interesting tips in the game which make your performance better.

Missions in the helicopter-

In the game few helicopter missions are available. Those missions are exciting and enjoyable. It means many types of interesting missions are start from helicopters. Some tasks are start and end with the plane. On the basis of those are divided into two categories of helicopters missions by trying Sniper 3d Assassin Cheats.

  • Air to Air
  • A Deadly Takeoff

These are the two types of helicopters category missions are available. Now I give you detail about these categories.

  • Air to Air-

It is the first type of copter mission. It is also the very difficult and the last mission of the game. It means to beat this mission very hard for every person, but some peoples are the win in first time. Whose people are the winner in the first time they use the tactics? If you want to know about those tactics, then read it carefully. The first tip is that you should try to center in the doorway. In this mission, you should kill your enemies in the air.

The second tip is that always use the better gun with high accuracy. The third one tactic is tried to shoot headshot because via the headshot your enemy kills in one shoot. The fourth tip is to try to multi kill means in many mission the petrol drum are available. Then shoot on the drum, and after the shoot, the drum will be the blast. So these are the best tactics to complete the air to air mission in one time.

  • A Deadly Takeoff-

A Deadly Takeoff is also the part of helicopter mission. This mission will require the player to take a helicopter before it leaves to win.