All You Need To Know About Dawn Of Titans

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All You Need To Know About Dawn Of Titans

The strategy games are more in craze among the teens, kids, and people of other age groups. If you also love to play strategy based games then there are plenty of games present and Dawn Of Titans is one of them. This game is available for Android and IOS devices and anyone can download it without paying a single buck. You should first know about this game in detail and then start playing it on wiki. In this game, you can take part in different battles by teaming up with your friends or other players. There are many more addictive gameplay elements present which allow you to flavor up your game experience. You can also find thousands of troops and you can also take part in various challenges and events. After getting started with this game, you should learn the art of playing it.

Learn the basic strategies

Are you new to Dawn Of Titans If yes then the most important thing is to learn the pure basics of the game which will surely improve your performance. This is also beneficial for the players to eliminate the difficulties that they are facing while playing the game. As you all know about the fact that this is a strategy based game so it is important to make some strategies before going to play it. In this game, you can control the army and also fight against the other groups of enemies. The storyline of the game is also interesting which will fall you in love. There is a small story mode in which you have to play and it is also classified into several sections. In every section, you will find a series of battles that will bring you on the further stages of the game.

General tips and tricks

When we talk about this game then there are different aspects present and you should understand them perfectly to make progress. The castle is playing an important role in the city and with the help of this, you can unlock different buildings and also upgrade the existing ones. By doing this, you can produce more troops and spells which will help you in making the city big and also to make your army stronger. In addition to this, you may also know the importance of the Titans which is the most important part of the army. They come in several sizes and shapes and you also have an option to mix them well to make them powerful and strong too.

In addition to this, the most important thing is to level up these titans and with the help of this, you can make progress quickly. There is also a map present on which you can easily find the monuments and arenas. With the help of these things, you can brighten the chances of winning the battles and to earn plenty of rewards which will make the game more interesting.

Build a strong army


In this game, players have to build up a strong army force which will help them to compete in the game for a long time. The army has lots of different units and these all units are fighting with various kinds of abilities such as sword, arrow, fire and much more. You can see that most of the players are upgrading all of them which are not good. They shouldn’t waste their time and resources on upgrading all of them. You should always try to make the focus on two or three troops to level up them and also to make them stronger. Players also need to pay attention while building up the army and with the help of this, they can also improve their performance and skills. As you all know that every kind of troop has its own weaknesses and strength so you don’t need to build the army with one kind of troop.

Moving further, any player can easily make progress into the game with the help of effective strategies as well as tips and tricks. They can check out the different tips and tricks on the internet related to this game and it will help them out to level up quickly.